Susan J. Goldman

(American b. 1981)


Susan J. Goldman is an artist, master printmaker, filmmaker, and teacher. Goldman received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Indiana University-Bloomington in 1981 and her Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University-Tempe, in 1984. Since completion of graduate school, Goldman has always had a working studio, and other artists have always sought her out to either train them or assist them to produce their work. After moving to Washington in 1990, Goldman taught printmaking at the Corcoran College of Art and Design, MICA, Georgetown University, while simultaneously working for ten years as a Master Printer and Program Director at Pyramid Atlantic (a non-profit center for papermaking and printmaking). Goldman developed many wonderful relationships with artists with whom she had printed with over the years. 

Susan began Lily Press® as a private studio in 2000. In 2006 she realized her first collaborative projects, co-publishing an edition of linocuts with Elizabeth Catlett, producing monotypes and screen print editions with Michael Gross, and in 2010, four suites of etchings with Renee Stout and a portfolio of etchings with Jake Muirhead. From 2000-2012 was Adjunct Professor and Master Printer for Navigation Press at George Mason University-Fairfax, printing for artists William T Wiley, Enrique Chagoya and Karen Kunc. Since 2012 Goldman sustains a full time vibrant studio practice working with many artists including  Renee Stout, Preston Sampson, EJ Montgomery, Eve Stockton, Miriam Morsel Nathan, and most recently, Sam Gilliam. Susan produces and exhibits her own work nationally and internationally. Her work is in private and public collections worldwide. 
She is Founding Director of Printmaking Legacy Project®, a non-profit dedicated to the documentation, preservation and conservation of printmaking practice and history. Goldman received a National Endowment for the Arts Grant 2011-12, as producer and director of Midwest Matrix ®, an hour-long documentary videotape DVD on the fine art printmaking tradition of the American Midwest. With Lily Press®, Goldman as Artistic Director, has created a studio where printmaking can continue to survive, as well as thrive, and has provided a place of community for artists. In doing so, Goldman has established herself as a valuable player in the future of the print.

Artist Statement

The tradition, both old and revived, in which I work is the art of the print. I am an artist most fluent in monotype, intaglio, screenprinting, and woodcut. Also as a master printer I guide other artists in these processes.
My earlier prints include figures and objects in imagined landscapes and still-lives, filled with a mélange of iconography from the ancient past.  Derived from many historical sources, I arranged these images into a context that at once felt rhythmic and graphic. The scale was usually large, relating to human size. It is more than coincidence that this first shift in my work occurred after I gave birth to my own daughters and after travels to the Mediterranean region. I was very intent on dealing with the theme as woman as a vessel. 
These vessels are metaphors for life. They began with an interest in ethnic women’s forms-African, Cycladic, Egyptian, the subjects of ancient urns and vases. The pure, rich colors and clearly modeled forms reflected the music and richness of these ancient universal female ancestors.  Then the focus shifted and the images transformed to the women themselves as vessels: literally bearing and containing new lives and new identities.  Drawing on a myriad of female forms, welcoming the fact that these earlier feminine icons have cross-cultural significance, often appearing as popular design motifs, these images served as shared shorthand for the interrelationship of all things. 
In many of my monotypes and woodcuts, inspired by Morocco, vessels swirl and careen, dissolving into each other, into shadow, and into light. Hand-stamped patterns, both organic and geometric, both define forms and defy forms - signifying how visual variety both creates and blurs boundaries. These vessel prints are a marvelous commentary on human nature and the nature of beauty: no matter how much are brains have supposedly mutated as a result of advertising, infinite graphic bombardment, and new technology, a hand-pulled impression on paper of some gold/blue/brown/pink pitchers has the power to catch our eye and hold our hearts. I feel that through these types of images, I am expressing my feelings about the continuum of the human experience and its connection to the present.
 In my current work, I am exploring the visual power of color and the symbolism of the circle. The inspiration for this new direction came from a popular app, Candy Crush. These prints are inspired by the candy featured on the game as well as memories of candy bought and consumed over numerous summer beach vacations. The pure pleasure of beautiful licorice candies, geometrically and colorfully delectable have inspired this work. The simplicity of candy, both in its literal sense and in its appearance on popular social media apps, has brought me into a rich and mysterious study of the history of the circle. The circle with its center than can be attached to the center of a candy and the center of the universe.
The circle has many interesting associations and appears in a number of artistic forms: the halo, the rainbow, the ring, the wheel, and the circle dance mandala. In Sanskrit, Mandala literally means circle and center or "Holy Circle", and is essentially a vehicle for concentrating mind. Jung states that in considering the symbol of the circle, "we are analyzing the self." Joseph Campbell says, "The circle on represents totality. Everything within a circle is one thing, which is encircled, enframed, that would be the spatial aspect. But the temporal aspect of the circle is that you leave, go somewhere, and always come back. The circle suggests immediately a completed totality, whether in time or in space."
An ever enduring image the circle, explored by so many artists from Sonia Delaunay, Judy Chicago, Robert Smithson, Jasper Johns, Frank Stella, the idea never grows old. To scale, my prints of targets and totems are life size, composed with deeply saturated hues. These prints invite the observer to delight in one of the great primordial images of human kind.


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2017 Honorary Member of the Council Award, SGC International
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Present – 2005 DIRECTORMASTER PRINTER, Lily Press, LLC, Rockville, MD, Artists: Jo Baer, Elizabeth Catlett, Sheila Crider, Sam Gilliam, Tom Green, Sujata Gopalan, Michael Gross, Brece Honeycutt, Anita Jung, Rebecca Kamen, Barbara Kerne, Gina Marie Lewis, Preston Sampson, Tessa Shackelford, Renee Stout, Eve Stockton, Jonathan Metzger, Linn Meyers, EJ Montgomery, Miriam Morsel Nathan, Marti Patchell, Mindy Weisel, Sharon Wolpoff
2012-06   PRODUCER/DIRECTORMIDWEST MATRIX®, an hour-long documentary videotape/DVD on the fine art printmaking tradition of the American Midwest, which includes interviews of over fifty Midwestern artist/teachers with international reputations and their students. 
2012-2002 ADJUNCT PROFESSOR, Printmaking, 2D Fundamentals, Senior Project, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
2010 06 -  Master Printer, Featured Artists Enrique Chagoya, William Wiley, Karen Kunc, William Dunlap, Renee Stout, Navigation Press, GMU
2006 – 1991 - Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD. MASTER PRINTER for Artists: Benito Huerta, Michael Gross
Pacita Abad, Bette Alexander, Lynn Bowers, William Christenberry, Jerry Clapsaddle, James Colwell, Richard Dana, Willem de Looper, Joellyn Dewesbury, Ed Dolinger, Susan Firestone, Christopher French, Ke Francis, Barbara Hardaway, Tazuko Ichikawa, Agnes Jacobs, Lawley Paisley Jones, Jacob Kainen, Shelagh Keeley, Barbara Kerne, Hung Liu, J.W. Mahoney, Jerome Meadows, Larry Mullins, Tom Nakashima, Jiro Okura, Ken Polinskie, Nadezda Prvulovic, Preston Sampson, Miriam Schapiro, Mindy Weisel. 
2005-03 – Coordinator, Power In Print, 2005 Southern Graphics Council International Conference, Washington, DC
2002 - The World Bank Art Program & The Central Asian Cultural Exchange, Five Artist from Uzbekistan, Master Printer for Uzbekistan & American Artists Print Portfolio Exchange, Washington, DC
2002 - 1994   Faculty, Corcoran College of Art & Design, Screenprinting, Intaglio, Monotype, Washington, DC
2002 - 2000 Faculty, Maryland Institute, College of Art, Monoprint, Baltimore, MD
2000 - Faculty, Georgetown University, Introduction to Printmaking, Washington, DC
2000 - Visiting Artist,  22 Cultural Moussem (Festival), Assilah, Morocco
2000 - 1998 President, Maryland Printmakers, Inc.
2000 - 1990 Special Projects/Development Coordinator; 1997, 1995 Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair Coordinator at The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
2001- 93 Founding & Co-Director, THE ART OF WORK, THE WORK OF ART,TM, 1999 Arts Center South Florida, Miami; Invitational/Traveling Exhibit; 1994 Pyramid Atlantic, MD;  1995 Martin Luther King Memorial Library, DC;  National Public Radio, DC; 1996 Virginia Beach Center for the Arts, VA;  1997 Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA.
1995-90 Faculty, The Art League School, Alexandria, VA, Basic Drawing, Intermediate Drawing, Youth Classes, Waterbase Screenprinting, Alexandria, VA
1991 Visiting Instructor, Advanced Intaglio, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
1990 Visitor Services, The National Gallery, Washington, DC
1989-86 Instructor, Phoenix Country Day School, Upper School, Art Exploration, Figure Drawing, Beginning Drawing, Beginning Oil Painting, Phoenix, AZ
1988-85 Instructor, Mesa Community College, Introduction to Printmaking, Intaglio, Monotype, Collagraph, Drawing,
2-D Design, Mesa, AZ
1988,86 Panelist, Arizona Commission on the Arts Traveling Exhibition, Phoenix, AZ
1984-83 Artist Assistant to Fritz Scholder, Scottsdale, AZ
1984-82 Teaching Assistant, Arizona State University, 2-D Design, Beginning Drawing, Tempe, AZ
1983-82 Artist Assistant to Beth Ames Swartz, Scottsdale, AZ
1983 Visiting Instructor, McNeese State University, 2-D Design, Printmaking: Intaglio/Screenprinting, Art Methods for non-majors, Drawing, Lake Charles, LA
1981-79 Artist Assistant to Wendy Calman, Associate Professor, Photo-Processes and Silkscreen, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
1984 MFA, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, Printmaking with concentration in Drawing and Mixed Media
1981 BFA, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Printmaking with concentration in Figurative Drawing and Painting
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SCREENINGS for Midwest Matrix® 
PRINT AUSTIN 2016 - Midwest Matrix Texas, Sarofim School of Fine Arts, Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX
KaleidoLA: The Speaker Series of the Department of Art & Art History,
LMU|LA Loyola Marymount University 4.15
California State University -Long Beach, 4.15
University of Southern California, Los Angeles 4.15
Illinois State Museum, Springfield, IL, 1.15
Continuum, IU Cinema, Indiana University-Bloomington 9.14
The Washington Print Club Celebrates 50 Years, The Passionate Collector, 
American University Museum, Katzen Center, 7.14
IFPDA PRINT FAIR, The Park Avenue Armory, New York,11.13
Fresh Cuts: Through the Matrix, Old Print Gallery, Washington, DC 9.13
AMoA BIENNIAL 600: PRINTMAKING, Amarillo Museum of Art, Amarillo, TX  5.13
Inland Visual Studies Center Symposium, Bradley University, Peoria, IL   4.13
Print:MKE 2013 Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, WI proud sponsor SGCI 3.13
University of Iowa and University Of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City  12.12
SCREENINGS for Printmaking Legacy Project®
KaleidoLA: The Speaker Series of the Department of Art & Art History,
LMU|LA Loyola Marymount University 4.15
California State University -Long Beach, 4.15
University of Southern California, Los Angeles 4.15
PORTFOLIOS, Evangeline J Montgomery, Cosmos Club, Washington, DC, 10.14
Portfolios: Frances Myers, In Memoriam, Printmaking Legacy Project(R), 2015, available
Portfolios: Evangeline J Montgomery, Printmaking Legacy Project,(R), 2014. available
Midwest Matrix (R), 2012, available
Singular Impression, The Monotype in America, The National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution,
Washington, DC. Eight minute video made for exhibition, narrated by Scott Simon, featuring artist Susan Goldman demonstrating the monotype process. 1997.  Available for distribution