M. Katherine Hurley

"Spring Grove", Oil on canvas, 25"x35

"Spring Grove", Oil on canvas, 25"x35


A professional artist for over 30 years, Hurley studied at the Art Academy of Cincinnati with Wolf Khan and received a BFA from the College of Mount Saint Joseph. She has been featured in publications such as "The Artist Magazine", "Art Journey America: Landscapes", and "Art Pastel Journal".


Artist's Statement

There is a mystic touch to the landscapes of M. Katherine Hurley. Her transitions in tone between leaves and sky or meadow and water are as subtle as the shift between stillness and a breeze – between stillness and a ripple in the water. An artist with an eye, a heart, and a deep reverence for landscape, she sees a chapel in the form of a barn, sanctuary in the shade of the forest, and she can experience communion in a cluster of color. The mystic landscapes of M. KatherineHurley exist beyond the physical; they lie in a region between the remembered and the imagined – a space that is the tone and color between leaves and the sky.