Jim Turner



(American, 1922-2011)

A well regarded Cincinnati artist, Turner was a prominent member of the Cincinnati Watercolor Society. He worked with and appreciated the timeless medium for several decades. Turner also worked in advertising art for almost forty years as a professional re-toucher. His airbrush illustrations were used in industry, architecture, and retail sales. 

With his fine art works, Turner preferred painting watercolor on location, which allowed him to connect with and capture the atmosphere of the subject with more immediacy than studio painting. He painted in Maine, up-state New York, and Vermont but preferred to capture the Cincinnati area. 

Turner continuously strove to learn new avenues of expression through painting trying to capture the essence of what he saw. “More is less and less is more” was his mindset regarding his method of painting, which allowed space for the viewer to get emotionally involved. 

He was a member of the MacDowell Society and a member of the Cincinnati Art Club (and a past board member). He has exhibited at the Art Club and has paintings in galleries and private collections.