Established in 1976, Mary Ran Gallery is a fine art gallery that has contributed greatly to the local and global 19th and 20th century American and European art market. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio's historic Hyde Park neighborhood, our mission is to offer an experience that is as brilliant as the pieces that we carry in our gallery setting.  

The gallery has endeavored to build long-term relationships with every client, interior designer, and trade professional that we encounter to ensure that the experience of purchasing from the gallery is a memorable and enjoyable one.  In addition, Mary Ran Gallery has over 40 years of experience and represents more than 60 artists, with estates from Paul Chidlaw, Jack Meanwell, and Edward Volkert.

Mary Ran Gallery also provides comprehensive fine art consulting and services, offering professional advice on all aspects of buying as well as selling, including appraisal, investment counseling, consignment, portrait commission, and faming. For a complete list of our services, please click here. We hope that you enjoy our collection and please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your fine art needs or questions.

The gallery is owned and operated by Mary L. Ran. 


1970: Fine Art Dealer doing antique shows

1976: 19th Century American and European Art Gallery, Opening September 6, 3330 Erie Ave.

1977-1981: 19th Century American and European Paintings Exhibitions

1979: Member of the International Society of Fine Art Appraisers

1982: Leslie Glass Shiels exhibition and sale

1983: Estate of Edward Volkert; Estate of John E. Weis; Estate of Emma Mendenhall

1984: Moved Gallery to 3668 Erie Avenue; Lotta Raymond, Mary Virginia Keenan Exhibition

1986: Board Member Behringer Crawford Museum; Curated exhibition of Frank Duveneck etchings at BCM; Paul Sawyier exhibition at BCM

1987: Walt Kuhn Exhibition, Carl Samson, Cole Carothers

1988: Paul Chidlaw, co curated Cincinnati Centennial Art Exhibition at UC

1989-1990: Elizabeth Nourse Exhibition, Carl Samson, Leslie Glass Shiels, A. James Weber Exhibition

1991: Thomas Harvey Dryce, Maria Esther Cardenas of Cali, Columbia

1993: Paul Chidlaw, Diane Young, Leo Neufeld, Board Member of Art League

1994: James Roy Hopkins Exhibition; President of American Art Society of Cincinnati (2 years); Edward Potthast Exhibition at Cincinnati Art Academy at the Cincinnati Art Museum

1995: Robert Fabe, Connie Dimling Exhibitions

1996: J. H. Sharp , Dixie Selden/Emma Mendenhall, Robert Fabe, Malcolm Meyn and Daughter, Steve Jenkins exhibitions

1999: 19th and early 20th Century Cincinnati Women Artists

2000: Robert Fabe, 19th Century Women Artists

2001: Jack Meanwell Exhibition at Miami University

2002: Jack Meanwell Exhibition at Christ Church Cathedral; Georgia Armstrong Askew Holiday Exhibition

2003: Steve Jenkins, Jack Meanwell, Georgia A. Askew at Christ Church

2004: The Art of Six Benefit for Children’s Hospital; Jack Meanwell Exhibition

2005: Portrait Brokers of America Regional Representative; Across the Great River (Historic Kentucky Artists); Susan Goldman Exhibition; Paul Chidlaw Exhibition; 

2006: Roland Huston Exhibition; Jack Meanwell Exhibition; Ruthe Pearlman Exhibition; 30th Anniversary – Edward Volkert Exhibition; 19th Century Woman’s Exhibition; Across the Great River II (19th Century Kentucky Artists); Paul Chidlaw Exhibition and Sale

2007: Edward Potthast Exhibition, University Club of Cincinnati 100th Anniversary; Robert Fabe Exhibition and Sale; Dixie Selden Exhibition and Sale; Across the Great River III; Francis Clark Brown Exhibition and Sale

2008: Estate of Jack Meanwell (1919-2005); Paul Chidlaw (1900-1989) Exhibition and Sale; Across the Great River IV

2009: Flower Paintings by seven different painters; Chidlaw & Meanwell I - Battle of the Abstract Expressionists; Across the Great River V – Kentucky Artists; Golden Age of Cincinnati Artists

2010: Duveneck and His Circle in Rockport and the Upper East Coast; Paul Chidlaw and Jack Meanwell - Battle of the Abstract Expressionists; Anne Miotke; Mimi Nieman; Golden Age of Cincinnati Artists

2011: 35th Anniversary; Jack Meanwell & Paul Chidlaw April 1 – 30; Bessie Hoover Wessel; Board Member of The Art League of the Cincinnati Public Schools; Golden Age of Cincinnati Artists; Emma Mendenhall/Dixie Selden

2012:  Charley Harper Exhibition; Jack Meanwell & Paul Chidlaw; Anne Miotke & AAC Teachers exhibition; Dixie Selden, Emma Mendenhall, and Bessie Hoover Wessel; Curated exhibition of Paul Sawyier for NKU

2013: Charley Harper, Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Paul Chidlaw, Roland Huston, Vernon Rader, A.J. Weber, CIFAF, 19th Century Cincinnati Artists; Naples, Florida and Toronto Fine Art Fairs.

2014: Naples Florida, Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Sarah Margaret Gibson, Paul Chidlaw, Portrait Exhibition, Paul Vollman, Bessie & Herman Wessel.

2015: Contemporary Modern Masters featuring Motherwell, Diebenkorn, Giacometti, Klee, Miro, Dufy, and more; Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Paul Chidlaw, Sarah Margaret Gibson, Portrait Exhibition, Paul Vollman, Bessie & Herman Wessel.

2016: A.J.Weber, Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Paul Chidlaw, Thomas S. Noble, 40th Anniversary Exhibit & Fundraiser for the Women's Art Club featuring Dixie Selden, Bessie Hoover Wessel, Emma Mendenhall, and Elizabeth Nourse.

2017: Thomas S. Noble, Japanese Works on Paper, Joseph Rogers, Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Paul Chidlaw, Mimi Nieman & Barbara Heimann, Women's Work Group Exhibit, Winter Group Exhibit.

2018: Joseph Rogers, "Form and Atmosphere" featuring Sarah Margaret Gibson and Lee Craigmile, Merle Rosen Exhibit Benefitting Brain Cancer Research at University of Cincinnati, Midcentury Modern Exhibit Benefitting Hyde Park Center for Older Adults.