Sarah Margaret Gibson


(American, 1988 - )

Sarah Margaret Gibson was born in Cincinnati, OH, in 1988. Art has always been a part of Gibson’s life; she began to draw, almost incessantly, from the time she could hold a pencil. At the age of eight she started formal lessons in drawing and painting with private instructor, Sandy Sharp, from whom she gleaned her first introduction to the basics of the craft. In the summer of 2003, Gibson spent her first of what would become three consecutive summers at the Interlochen Center for the Arts’ Intensive Drawing and Painting program. It was at Interlochen that she was first introduced to oil painting techniques, and her understanding of representational drawing and painting greatly blossomed during her time there.

In the summer of 2007, the now 18-year-old Gibson embarked on a six-week painting tour in Greece. Deeply inspired by the art and architecture of the Ancient Greeks, Gibson felt more certain than ever of the direction she wanted to take with her art. She began to believe that—just as is the case with musicians, writers, and dancers—she, as a painter, could only express herself adequately once she had first mastered the language of painting: technique.

After a brief period of study at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the Fall of 2007, Gibson realized that her deep and abiding interest in technique would best be fostered by a community of like-minded individuals and a school that more closely embodied her own ideals. Following the advice of one of her instructors, Gibson discovered the traditional Atelier schools of Florence, Italy. Dedicated to training the realist painter through methodology created in the Renaissance and used up through the nineteenth century, these schools seemed an oasis to the aspiring realist artist. 

By the Spring of 2008 Gibson was enrolled at the Angel Academy of Art, where she studied for two and a half years. Then, in search of new perspectives and deeper understanding, she switched to The Florence Academy of Art in the Fall of 2010. Currently in her last year of the program at FAA, Gibson now splits her time between studying at the advanced studio, and teaching at the beginners’ studio.

As a student, Gibson considers it her primary duty to fully understand the underlying principles that govern both her subject—Nature—and also the craft she is using to imitate it—painting. With her current work, she is trying to explore, as faithfully as possible, her own ideals of beauty, truth, harmony, design, and expression.