Ruthe G. Pearlman (American/Ohio 1913-2007)

Ruthe Pearlman received her Certificate in 1939, and was an instructor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati until December 2006. Pearlman entered the Art Academy in 1929 at age 16 and virtually never left. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Art by the Academy in 2002 and founded the Ruthe G. Pearlman Gallery in 2005.

Ruthe Pearlman was born in Connersville, Indiana. The family moved to Cincinnati in the 1920's. She began studying art at the Art Academy while attending Hughes High School, where she graduated in the early 1930's. In 1936, she received her Academy graduation certificate as degrees were not awarded until 1979.

Over years of teaching, she cultivated a devoted group of students of all ages who enrolled in her classes repeatedly.

Pearlman had a wide circle of friends gathered not only from her involvement in the visual arts but in arts organizations such as Cincinnati Opera and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra as well as the Cincinnati chapter of Hadassah and as a member of the congregation of Isaac M. Wise Temple.

Despite being diagnosed with macular degeneration in 1988 she continued to work and even went on to teach others with visual impairments. This led her to Art Beyond Boundaries, which was created in 2005 for people with disabilities who want to create art.

Ruthe Pearlman was a well respected artist and teacher who was loved and admired by her family, friends, students and art community.