The gallery is owned and operated by Mary Leonhard Ran.  Below is a list of her achievements, exhibitions, and experience.  To view as a Word document, click here.


1970: Fine Art Dealer doing antique shows

1976: 19th Century American and European Art Gallery, Opening September 6, 3330 Erie Ave.

1977-1981: 19th Century American and European Paintings Exhibitions

1979: Member of the International Society of Fine Art Appraisers

1982: Leslie Glass Shiels exhibition and sale

1983: Estate of Edward Volkert; Estate of John E. Weis; Estate of Emma Mendenhall

1984: Moved Gallery to 3668 Erie Avenue; Lotta Raymond, Mary Virginia Keenan Exhibition

1986: Board Member Behringer Crawford Museum; Curated exhibition of Frank Duveneck etchings at BCM; Paul Sawyier exhibition at BCM

1987: Walt Kuhn Exhibition, Carl Samson, Cole Carothers

1988: Paul Chidlaw, co curated Cincinnati Centennial Art Exhibition at UC

1989-1990: Elizabeth Nourse Exhibition, Carl Samson, Leslie Glass Shiels, A. James Weber Exhibition

1991: Thomas Harvey Dryce, Maria Esther Cardenas of Cali, Columbia

1993: Paul Chidlaw, Diane Young, Leo Neufeld, Board Member of Art League

1994: James Roy Hopkins Exhibition; President of American Art Society of Cincinnati (2 years); Edward Potthast Exhibition at Cincinnati Art Academy at the Cincinnati Art Museum

1995: Robert Fabe, Connie Dimling Exhibitions

1996: J. H. Sharp , Dixie Selden/Emma Mendenhall, Robert Fabe, Malcolm Meyn and Daughter, Steve Jenkins exhibitions

1999: 19th and early 20th Century Cincinnati Women Artists

2000: Robert Fabe, 19th Century Women Artists

2001: Jack Meanwell Exhibition at Miami University

2002: Jack Meanwell Exhibition at Christ Church Cathedral; Georgia Armstrong Askew Holiday Exhibition

2003: Steve Jenkins, Jack Meanwell, Georgia A. Askew at Christ Church

2004: The Art of Six Benefit for Children’s Hospital; Jack Meanwell Exhibition

2005: Portrait Brokers of America Regional Representative; Across the Great River (Historic Kentucky Artists); Susan Goldman Exhibition; Paul Chidlaw Exhibition; 

2006: Roland Huston Exhibition; Jack Meanwell Exhibition; Ruthe Pearlman Exhibition; 30th Anniversary – Edward Volkert Exhibition; 19th Century Woman’s Exhibition; Across the Great River II (19th Century Kentucky Artists); Paul Chidlaw Exhibition and Sale

2007: Edward Potthast Exhibition, University Club of Cincinnati 100th Anniversary; Robert Fabe Exhibition and Sale; Dixie Selden Exhibition and Sale; Across the Great River III; Francis Clark Brown Exhibition and Sale

2008: Estate of Jack Meanwell (1919-2005); Paul Chidlaw (1900-1989) Exhibition and Sale; Across the Great River IV

2009: Flower Paintings by seven different painters; Chidlaw & Meanwell I- Battle of the Abstract Expressionists; Across the Great River V – Kentucky Artists; Golden Age of Cincinnati Artists

2010: Duveneck and His Circle in Rockport and the Upper East Coast; Paul Chidlaw and Jack Meanwell-Battle of the Abstract Expressionists; Anne Miotke; Mimi Nieman; Golden Age of Cincinnati Artists

2011: 35th Anniversary!; Jack Meanwell & Paul Chidlaw April 1 – 30; Bessie Hoover Wessel; Board Memberof The Art League of the Cincinnati Public Schools; Golden Age of Cincinnati Artists; Emma Mendenhall/Dixie Selden

2012:  Charley Harper Exhibition; Jack Meanwell & Paul Chidlaw; Anne Miotke & AAC Teachers exhibition; Dixie Selden, Emma Mendenhall and Bessie Hoover Wessel; Curated exhibition of Paul Sawyier for NKU

2013: Charley Harper, Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Paul Chidlaw, Roland Huston, CIFAF, 19th Century Cincinnati Artists; Naples, Florida and Toronto Fine Art Fairs.

2014: Naples Florida, Chuck Marshall, Jack Meanwell, Paul Chidlaw, Portrait Exhibition, Paul Vollman, Bessie & Herman Wessel.