Natasha Kinnari (Russia/Ohio)

Natasha Kinnari was born in the Russian City of Volgograd in 1951.

After high school, she entered The Fine and Applied Arts College in Astrakhan, Russia. In addition to the required 4 years of drawing, oil painting and art history she also took classes in fiber art. Her tapestry artwork which was part of her graduating project was named best in class and reviewed in newspapers.

In 1977 Natasha entered the prestigious Latvian State Fine Arts Academy in Riga, Latvia. Some of the finest artists of the former Soviet Union were teaching there. Natasha had to learn a second foreign language in addition to German. Natasha's major was in oil painting.

After studying at the Academy, she continued to work as a freelance artist and art teacher. With the break-up of the Soviet Union, and the unrest that followed, Natasha decided toimmigrate to the United States. Since 1994, she and her son, Denis, have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Natasha is a member of the Cincinnati Women's Art Club and the Cincinnati Art Club.

Natasha participates in local and regional art shows and exhibitions and has received numerous awards, including 1st Place and Best in Show.