George William Dinckel (American/Ohio 1891-1976)

A noted Toledo artist of the 1920's and 30's, George Dinckel was equally well known for his landscapes 
and seascapes as well as his portraits.

Born in Cincinnati in 1891, the artist received his training at the Art Academy of Cincinnati under Frank Duveneck. This was followed by additional study in Berlin, Munich, Rome and Paris. Settling in Toledo, he began exhibiting with the Toledo Federation of Art Societies from their beginning in 1917. He also had two one-man shows at the Toledo Museum of Art. While spending much of the year in Toledo, the artist also made regular sketching trips throughout the New England States where the charm of the landscapes eventually drew him.


More information 

In 1942, an article written about the artist's move Toledo to Rockport, Massachusetts, commented on his abilities and the appeal of his work, stating: "His colorful landscapes of Vermont and New Hampshire, and seascapes along the coast of Maine...have won high praise. His technique is conservative but his paintings are vigorous and dramatic. He has a subtle feeling for mood which he successfully portrays whether it is the peculiar light of early dawn illuminating a harbor scene, brilliant sunlight, or a foggy day."

While in Toledo, Mr. Dinckel was a member of the Artklan and the Toledo Tile Club. He was also a member of the Scarab Club in Detroit, the North Shore Arts Association, the Rockport Art Association and the Marblehead Arts Association in Rockport, Massachusetts.